Eaton DSFI Technical Specifications

Eaton DSFI
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) 270 x 140 x 50
Weight (kg) 1.5
Warranty 5 years
Input voltage 200-250VAC 1 Phase
Service type TT, TN, TN C-S or any single-phase system with a grounded neutral
Test classification Class III (IEC 61643-1), Category A & B (ANSI/IEEE C62.41)
Energy Absorption rating - per mode (joules) Primary Protection L-N = 740 J
Primary common mode protection L-E & N-E = 780 J
Secondary protection L-N = 225J
Secondary common mode protection L-E & N-E = 480J
Aggregate rating = 2,225J
Current rating – continuous 5 - 32A
Recommended max. overcurrent protection 32A (C curve MCCB)
Short circuit withstand (1 sec) Suitable for use with a 6kAIC C Curve MCB
Protection modes Line-Neutral, Line-Earth, Neutral-Earth
In 8/20us (Line-Neutral) 15kA x 20 hits
In 8/20us (Line-Earth) 10kA x 20 hits
In 8/20us (Neutral-Earth) 10kA x 20 hits
Ismax 8/20us (Line-Neutral) 40kA
Ismax 8/20us (Line-Earth) 25kA
Ismax 8/20us (Neutral-Earth) 25kA
Filter attenuation >55dB to 10MHz
Internal protection (fusing) Thermal
Terminations 10mm² PCB Mounted Terminals
Alarms/indicators 2 LED display, Power OK & Protection OK LEDs, Dry contact alarm relay output – 250Vac/32Vdc, 5A, 5kV isolation, Alarm undervoltage cutoff 180Vac
Environmental & Standards
Enclosure rating IP20
Design standards IEC61643-1, IEC610006-1,2,3,4 ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Cat B,C,D,E AS1768-2007 Cat B,C,D,E AS3000,AS3100, CE mark
Environment -10 to 65°C, 10 to 95%RH (non-condensing)
Due to continual product improvement specifications are subject to change without notice